Over 125 years ago, Hermann Kruthoffer and Georg Doll set up a new company in the bustling port of Rotterdam. On 13 May 1880, they appeared before the Rotterdam notary Rietstap '...to enter into a partnership to conduct forwarding and commissioning business as of 1 July 1880.' Their company was highly profitable.

At the time, freight was transported by tow wagon, tow barge or steamboat. As such, the company's primary assets were a great deal of muscle power, strong backs and common sense. 'The client is always right' was the motto throughout the early history, and still is today.

In 1911, Georg Doll left the company, so that the Kruthoffer family took over sole management, with numerous generations leading the company down the years. This long tradition came to an end due to a lack of successors. However, the company's independence and self reliance has been safeguarded, and nowadays, a young and dynamic team of experts runs the company as successfully as ever. Following the Second World War, Kruthoffer & Doll kept well abreast of developments as the Port of Rotterdam grew. They recognised early on that transporting general cargo was shifting increasingly to bulk shipments. Logistics and warehousing were making new demands on business operations. Kruthoffer & Doll's vast knowledge and experience were further extended in the inspection sector.

In 2008 H.S.C. (Hofstra Survey Company) B.V., a company specialised in the inspection and handling of liquid bulk cargoes, was taken over in order to expand and strengthen the company. At this occasion the name of the company was changed from Kruthoffer & Doll B.V. into Krudo HSC B.V.

Nowadays, inspection activities represent the company's foremost activity, together with an increasing importance of logistics and forwarding activities. The Kruthoffer & Doll hallmark stands unconditionally for quality, reliability, expert knowledge and independence. Well over a century down the line, the company still bears the signature of a genuine family business with a dedicated staff with a strong company bond.